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Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005, 05:24 pm

work sucks, school sucks, paying bills sucks, and not being able to see boyfriend sucks. yeah that sums up my life. i'm on unhappy person. so whats new?

nothing i guess, work can't decide to give me hours are not. then they are giving me opposite hours of my boyfriend make me unhappy cause i don't get to see him at work or not at work. then i need the hours so i can pay for school and bills.

the school is making me unhappy because they are not letting me sign up for classes and i need to be able too. they've already sent me in a circle today.

then i'm just been depress about not seeing the boyfriend. i've become to attached. oops my bad. i'm crazy. maybe i'll get to see him this week. hopefully. well work has warn me out so i don't want to rant anymore.