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Sun, Jul. 31st, 2005, 07:52 pm

well i guess i should update. let's see this week hasn't been the best week. i worked, worked, worked, worked, broke up with my boyfriend, cry, work, cry work. work.

Interesting week right. i've been moping around the house the last few days. i knew it was coming i saw it before the relationship got serious but he said it wouldn't, so i listened to him. The relationship was too complicated. see cause he was a friends ex-boyfriend, and the two of them had a child. The sweetest two year old boy, he loved to steal my flip flops and to get tickled. well she the extremely jealous type, threaten to not let him see his child again. cause of rumors from work. So, we talked and he said let's be friends for now and see what happens. He told me if i found someone to go out with, go out with them. As if it was something i did so easily. After explaining to him i never was in a serious relationship. both boyfriends i had one i ended up being better friends with and we went on one date. the other i didn't date and my dad hated. he was like you'll find someone sooner than i will. yeah right!! So right now i'm suppose to be friends with him, which i'm okay with but at the same time not. then he pushing me to being friends with my old friend. he's like i messed something up and i'm going to fix it. he sweet about it. but i reallly want him to leave things alone. She said some hateful things so i'm not as excited as he is to be on talking terms with her again.

I guess it hurts more cause he gave me my first kiss. which surprised him at the time. He was the first to ever tell me that i was beautiful. something that i normally only heard from my parents. It was funny the first time he called me and that's what he called me as if it were my name. it shocked me. he also loved everything about me instead about complaining about things. he thought it was funny the way i chewed on my fingers when i got nervous. snd he quickly became one of my best friends. we were both just big kids. loved to play video games, watch movies together. his favorite thing to do was take me to scary movies cause i would cling to his arm. we could just spend the whole evening talking about anything and everything. he has the prettiest set of brown eyes. man i fell for him hard.

so, now i'm just trying to figure out life. man hopefully things are better after i get back from my family reunion. well i got to go make dinner. laterz Jesss