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Tue, Aug. 23rd, 2005, 03:38 pm

well i never got to write about my family reunion and don't really have the time to. i don't really have enough time for anything anymore. i'm so tired. need sleep.

well school is pretty cool i just got done with my first two days. i have english and government on monday, wednesday, and friday. it's pretty cool. my english professor is cute. he is from michigan. hehe. really nice and laid back. so it's going to be a easy year. government i don't like the professor. he can't stay on subject. so looks like i'm going to have to teach my self government to pass. ack!!! well thank goodness. i have dr. rodgers email address still. i hope. boy am i going to keep in touch with him. he was my first government teacher. he was easy. i liked him.

today i had accounting at 9:25. the professor seemed really nice. she jumped around alot in her introducing the class. that made some of us a little nervous. hopefully that isn't her teaching style. oh well. i guess i will find out on thursday. my other class was astronomy. i had that at 1:40 this afternoon. well it sounds like it should be interesting the first part is boring cause it's what i learned in high school. so i kinda fell asleep. i tried to stay awake. the professor seems pretty cool. so things seem interesting. well i better go start my laundry before i go to work cause i'm not going to have anytime when i get home. i want to go to bed. sleep!!!!

well laterz guys.