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what ever i feel like

really whatever the voices tell me.

9 May
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This needs to be updated a little bit. My name is Jessica, some friends call me jess and others call me jessie. I'm 19 years old my birthday is in may!!! wooohooo i'm a mother's day baby. okay so i was born the day before. I'm currently going to San Antonio college. I graduated from Judson in the spring of 2004. The best part i graduated top ten perncent magna cum lauda. cool stuff. Life has changed alot this summer. i now have 8 brothers and sister(step and half(included) My dad got married again this July so that added two more step brothers to my family. I'm currently living with just my older brother chris. We hoped to be getting an apartment next spring. School is alright, some of my classes suck buy my favorite is anthropology. even the gory stuff doesn't bother me. Yes there are gory stuff in anthropology. I planning to major in micro-biology which is totally different then any of my friends are used to me hearing. My past wants have been education, engineering, and physics. Now i switched to the other side of the science field. all is cool though. Well i guess that explains why i like science ficition so much. I'm currently working at cracker barrel. Almost a year. it will be a year thanksgiving week. yay!! that's about a little over a month away. i'm a retail clerk at cracker barrel it's all fun. i get to sale merchandise and put it out on the floor, and unload the truck. all the good stuff well i guess that's all for now.

I use the phrase working in retail or working the floor alot. My job consist of customer service(greeter), stocking, sales, and whatever small little things needed to be done.